Job Postings That Work!

Are you frustrated with the number of job postings that you’ve posted only to find you still don’t have qualified candidates? Are your monthly charges to job boards beginning to look like they need a P&L of their own? Now’s the time to fix it!


With online job boards including millions of job postings each year, standing out among the competition is essential. The days of simply putting an ad in the newspaper resulting in stacks of resumes are gone. Today’s job postings must include several key components including:

  • SEO Value: If you aren’t familiar with SEO, you’re already behind in the game. SEO or Search Engine Optimization, refers to the content or structure of online content so that it will be prominently displayed by a search engine. Making sure that your job posting is rich in SEO value is the key to making sure that your job posting is even located by candidates. SEO value can be gained through strong and prominent keywords, exact location matches, and relevance between the content in your posting and what the job seeker is searching for. The more you have in common with their search statement, the more likely they are to find your posting.
  • Content is the key. No matter how great your SEO value is or how many candidates land on your posting, if the content in your posting doesn’t sell the position it won’t matter. The posting should include industry buzz words, specific qualifications, and enough information for a candidate to determine whether or not they are qualified for the position.
  • Is your job posting visually pleasing? According to HireRight, 75% of job seekers say the look and feel of a job posting influences their decision to apply. Make sure that your job posting visually appeals to the audience. Is it free of errors, includes important details, and is it easy to read through quickly? Most job seekers will not take the time to read a full length job description, make sure your posting includes the important details and nothing more.
  • Sell your job! Why would someone want to work for you? What sets a career with your organization apart from your competitors? This may be your only chance to sell a career with your company to the candidate, make sure you do it well! Include valuable information about your benefits, employment brand, and enough information about your organization that a candidate can see why a career opportunity with your organization is something they should be interested in.

The battle for top talent is becoming increasingly harder in most industries. Maintaining a strong employment brand, a great employee retention program, and a proactive recruiting strategy are all great ways to stay ahead of your competition in the recruiting field.

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Trillium, a national leader in staffing and recruitment is a valued staffing partner to over 5,000 companies nationwide. Trillium is privately owned by Oskar René Poch.

How To Hire A CDL Driver

Does your company specialize in something other than drivers? If so, hiring a safe a qualified CDL driver can be a serious task. Due to the nature of their product line, many manufacturers, retail facilities, and warehouses employ their own driving staff. Unfortunately due to strict DOT regulations, insurance, and other factors these employers may be opening themselves up to costly and dangerous liabilities.

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Is Your Resume Costing You The Job?

Have you submitted what seems like an entire tree’s worth of resumes and still haven’t landed the job? While applying for multiple positions will certainly increase your chances of landing a position, sending out a resume or CV with certain mistakes can quickly get you ruled out for any position. Here are some quick tips!

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Getting Hired In An Online Job Market

Whether you are active in your search for employment or are keeping your options open for a better opportunity one thing is certain, the job hunt landscape has dramatically changed in the past few years. In a market where online job boards and social media appear to be walking billboards for job hunters, navigating the market can be difficult. Not sure where to start? Here are some quick tips!

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Is Your New Hire One of the 84 Percent?

If you have ever worked in recruiting or HR this statistic may not shock you. As many as 84% of new hires do not live up to expectations. With today’s screening, testing, and interviewing processes this may seem like a high number. Unfortunately, some behaviors just cannot be predicted.

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EEOC Reports on 2012 Charges

Have you recently faced an EEOC charge? If so, you’re not alone. The EEOC recently announced statistics from fiscal year 2012 that reflect over 99k charges in the private employment sector. What does that amount to for employers?

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Not Getting Hired? This May Be Why!

Sending resumes and filling out applications as often as you can but still not landing a job? If you are regularly applying for positions that you meet the qualifications for, it’s time to look at other factors that could be leading employers towards other applicants.

While most job seekers make their best efforts to provide an up-to-date resume, many neglect to consider their etiquette in the application and interviewing process. As with any situation, your first impression is usually the most lasting.

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5 Ways To Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired!

Whether you are new to the job hunt or have been beating the pavement for months, it’s never too soon or too late to analyze your approach. Here are five quick areas for you to analyze and improve if necessary to increase your likelihood of landing your dream job!

  • Are You Qualified? If you do not meet the minimum qualifications or requirements of the position, you are far less likely to be considered for the position. Employers are often inundated with applications and resumes in response to their job openings. Want to reach the top of the stack? Make sure you clearly state and demonstrate how you’re qualified for the position.
  • Did You Follow The Application Process? With the large volume of responses that hiring managers typically receive for open positions, they create an application process that best allows them to streamline the process while juggling their other responsibilities. Following the application process as instructed can quickly demonstrate your attention to detail and ability to follow instructions. If the job posting asks you to apply online or requests no phone calls, your chances of impressing the employer will quickly decrease if you try to get around the system.
  • What Does Your Resume Reflect? Is your resume up to date, clear, and concise? Does it quickly demonstrate your qualifications and professionalism? The average employer spends only 6 seconds reviewing a resume. Make sure your resume is clean, without stains or wrinkles, and quickly demonstrates your skills and abilities at first glance.
  • How Was Your Applicant Etiquette? One of the fastest ways to land at the bottom of the applicant list is to be rude or inconsiderate in the application process. Seems like common sense right? While it can be frustrating to not hear back quickly or have an interview booked as soon as you feel it should be, keep in mind hiring managers are often overwhelmed with applicant responses and often juggle other responsibilities. Insulting them, their organization, or their staff can quickly land you out of the running for that and other positions within the organization.
  • Did You Follow Up? Regardless of the outcome of your application and interview, follow up is key. Demonstrating respect and professionalism at all steps of the process can help you stand out significantly. Be sure to thank the interviewer for their time, send a follow up thank you card, and even if you are not chosen for the position remain professional. Your follow up after the fact, may land you the first call back if their first choice for the position does not work out for one reason or another.


Remember the job search process is different for everyone. If those around you are landing jobs faster than you avoid the temptation to get frustrated. Skills, abilities, and job availability have a large impact on the time it takes to find your next position. If you are struggling or could use some assistance in your job search process, consider partnering with an industry specialized recruiting firm to help align you with a career that best suits your qualifications and ambitions.

Are you a stand out professional or skilled worker seeking contingent, temporary, or long term career opportunities?  Visit our job seekers section for more information!  Want to learn more about how you can gain access to Trillium’s national network of professionals and skilled workers? Contact us today!

Trillium, a national leader in staffing and recruitment is a valued staffing partner to over 5,000 companies nationwide. Trillium is privately owned by Oskar René Poch.

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Social Recruiting in 2013

Without question if you are in the recruiting or HR field, the topic of recruiting through social media has crossed your mind or desk in the recent months. With steady reported losses for employers in social networking suits due to improper use for screening or evaluation, you may have chosen to avoid the topic. While recruitment through social media does require knowledge of legal ramifications, there are some simple and conservative ways to be involved with little liability to your organization.

The Wall Street Journal reported that social networks accounted for 20% of time spent online in 2011. With the continued growth in 2012, it goes without saying those numbers are only continuing to climb. Their report also shows that social networks reach approximately 82% of the world’s online population, a great audience for those of us who are seeking high demand candidates who are hard to locate.

A recent study from gives us some insight to the candidate perspective:

  • 72% reported using social connections to find a job
  • 38% reported that they were successful in finding a job through social networks
  • 24% the largest group, reported that they seek career opportunities on LinkedIn
  • 60% listed lack of response as their least favorite part of social networks
  • 55% of candidates would prefer a mobile friendly process that takes 10 minutes or less to apply

Social Media Meets the Candidate: Is it Really a Match Made in Heaven?

Making your application process accessible to those on social networks, especially on mobile devices could greatly increase your exposure to technical and professional level candidates. If you are considering implementing social networks into your recruiting process, make sure your process is legally compliant with all local, state, and federal laws. Also make sure that your staff is properly trained and educated on how to remain legally compliant in the process. It is always a great idea to make sure your organization’s social media policy is well defined. For more information on integrating social media in your recruiting process, contact your Labor and Employment Law attorney.

Want to learn more about how you can gain access to Trillium’s national network of top level talent? Contact us today!  If you are a stand out in your profession and seeking contingent or long term career opportunities, visit our job seekers section for more information!

Trillium, a national leader in staffing and recruitment is a valued staffing partner to over 5,000 companies nationwide. Trillium is privately owned by Oskar René Poch.