New Hire Probationary Period- How To Rock It

If you think the new hire probationary period is just for temps, you are mistaken. Whether your new employer labels it formally or not, your first few months on the job are likely to be viewed closely to determine your long term role in the organization and identify any negative patterns in your performance or attendance. Many employers implement formal and informal meetings during this period to discuss your progress and on-boarding rate, some even provide merit increases for your successful completion of the new hire probationary period. Here are a few tips to help you rock it!


  • Be Observant: While it may be somewhat acceptable to struggle at some duties during this time period, most tasks are expected to be completed efficiently and independently following this period. Take advantage of this time frame to ask questions, take detailed notes, and perfect processes and procedures.
  • Join The Team: Be sure to begin rapport building with your peers, clients, and supervisors early on. Each of them have valuable insights to offer you and having a strong working relationship with them from the start can have a large impact on your success in your new role. Take an interest in the organization’s goals, achievements, and the projects of those around you. Do you have any suggestions that may help them reach their goals, based on your previous experiences?
  • Prove To Be The Right Hire: Picture your first 90 days as a working interview. Arrive on time, avoid missing work, and be sure to give 100% to your duties and responsibilities. In your first 90 days more than almost any other time, your supervisor will be trying to gauge your dependability, reliability, and ability to perform your essential job duties. Take advantage of this opportunity to draw attention to your strengths and reassure your employer that they’ve made the best hiring decision.
  • Solicit Feedback: Follow up with your supervisor and seek their feedback. Find out what areas you are excelling in, areas for improvement, and what their expectations are for the on-boarding process. When do they expect you to be able to work independently? How often should you expect feedback?

While you have landed the job, you still need to prove yourself to be the right person for the job. As a new employee following protocol and getting along with others is imperative. Be sure that you have familiarized yourself with the employee handbook, understand your employer’s expectations, and are making a strong effort to learn and excel at your responsibilities.

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