This Could Effect Your Fleet!

How have recent regulations, weather conditions, and distractions effected your bottom line? Managing a fleet, remaining in compliance, and engaging a safety program is a lot to handle. Often times, employers lose focus on safety in the shuffle of handling multiple job responsibilities and keeping tabs on the latest regulations. How quickly can this add up?

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The $650B Per Year Burden For Employers

Following the recent recession, most employers are more cost aware than ever before. Protecting the bottom line and reducing costs has become a topic on the forefront of many employers minds and their strategic planning. Are you looking for ways to reduce costs? You cannot afford to miss out on what is costing employers an estimated $650 billion each year!

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Attention Electricians! Is Your License Up-To-Date?

Busy season is around the corner for industrial and commercial construction projects. Are you prepared? Now is a great time to make sure your license is up-to-date! Have you considered obtaining an out of state license for traveling work? Now’s the time!

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20 Years of FMLA

Today marks the 20 year anniversary of FMLA. The Family and Medical Leave Act has caused employers across the nation to scratch their heads with questions and concerns over the past two decades. FMLA ranks as the federal statue with most questions asked in SHRM’s Knowledge Center, even after 20 years in play.  In the past few years FMLA has also become a hot topic on Social Media, prompting hundreds of groups and discussions on Twitter and LinkedIn. This mass of communication makes one thing clear, FMLA can be a confusing federal statue that leads employers and HR professionals across the country to constantly be seeking more information and clarification.

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