The Strangest Non-Work Activities Employees Have Been Caught Performing On The Job

Do you really know what is going on in your workplace? In a 2015 survey by CareerBuilder, employers revealed the strangest non-work related activities that they’ve caught their staff engaging in on the job. You don’t want to miss these!

Social Media Workplace

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Is Casual Friday Getting Too Casual?

Like many things if clear and concise expectations are not set up, casual Friday’s can quickly become too casual. As many as 90% of companies in the U.S. have a “casual” day, with one third allowing casual clothing every day. The key to maintaining a professional environment while allowing casual attire is a clear expectation of what is acceptable, preferably included in the employee handbook.

Casual Fridays

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Is Your Tech Job Among the Hardest to Fill?

While IT and Technical positions have been among the hardest to fill for the past several years, some changing trends are adding influence to the difficulty to fill within the industry. Dice recently released a list of the Top 10 Hardest to Fill Tech Jobs based on feedback from more nearly 400 HR and recruiting professionals.

Touch Screen resized

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Why Your Next Career Should Be In West Michigan

Contemplating a move with your next career? Don’t skip over West Michigan! Offering a diverse set of industries including life sciences, renewable energy, automotive, aerospace, defense, IT, construction, and pharmaceuticals the career opportunities are endless!

KalamazooPhoto credit Wikipedia

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Employers and Staffing Firms Share in Responsibilities to Protect Workers

While agreements between employers and their partnering staff firms often vary, most often the responsibility for Worker’s Compensation claims falls on the staffing firm for contract or temporary placements. However, if you partner with staffing firms to provide you with contract or temporary workers you share in the responsibility for their safety. Not sure what your responsibilities may be? Here’s what OSHA has to say!


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Should Your Next Search For Candidates Be On Facebook?

With the continued buzz on social recruiting and Facebook’s ever growing number of users, many assume the search for their next hire is on Facebook. Statistically, that is not the case. Let’s take a peek at the facts.



  • The users are there. According to Business Insider, there are approximately 1.44 billion active Facebook users each month.
  • The scrolling is real.  Users in the the United States average 40 minutes per day on Facebook.The largest majority of time is spent on the user’s newsfeed and viewing photos posted by friends.
  • Their professional information is hard to find. Only about 20% of Facebook users have entered any professional information in the past year.
  • They’re likely on a mobile device.189 million Facebook users are “mobile only”. Unless you have a very streamlined mobile application process, your click to completed application conversion will likely be very low.

While most users still see Facebook as a personal social networking platform, there are ways to engage with potential candidates. With the majority of screen time spent on newsfeed, purchasing paid ads to advertise your open positions can quickly capture candidate attention. Keep in mind with a heavy mobile audience, having a streamlined mobile friendly application process will be the key to success. Several corporations have built very strong career brands on their company pages. With more than 36M likes, Starbucks has built a jobs page allowing candidates to not only view and apply for jobs but also sign up for job alerts and view videos on company culture.

While Facebook doesn’t necessarily have the easiest and most searchable data for candidates, as the second most visited website today it should not be ignored from an employer branding perspective. If your page doesn’t include a link to your careers page, a jobs app, and visual data regarding your company culture take action today!

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