How To Hire A CDL Driver

Does your company specialize in something other than drivers? If so, hiring a safe a qualified CDL driver can be a serious task. Due to the nature of their product line, many manufacturers, retail facilities, and warehouses employ their own driving staff. Unfortunately due to strict DOT regulations, insurance, and other factors these employers may be opening themselves up to costly and dangerous liabilities.


While the application and screening process can be laborious for any position, the steps involved to remain in compliance while hiring CDL drivers can be overwhelming. Did you know that in order to fulfill legal obligations you may have to:

  • Obtain employment verification and drug/alcohol test results
  • Obtain certificate of compliance with driver’s license requirements
  • Obtain applicant’s description of previous vehicle accidents
  • Obtain applicant’s statement of On Duty hours
  • Obtain a copy of applicant’s DOT physical card and physical
  • Obtain a copy of the applicant’s driver’s license
  • Obtain a copy of the applicant’s MVR
  • Obtain a negative drug screen result

While employing a driver you must also ensure that your equipment, insurance coverage, and policies remain in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations. Simply staying informed on the latest regulation and compliance changes can be a full time job.

So what should an employer who doesn’t specialize in hiring drivers do? First and foremost, an employer should determine whether or not investing in compliance, training, and insurance premiums outweighs the benefits of them outsourcing their driving staff. Second, you should determine whether a third party logistics firm or a driver staffing agency would better service your needs. A driver staffing agency can provide you with screened and qualified drivers for long and short term needs, while maintaining control and responsibility of properly screening and employing the driving staff.

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