"Trillium works with us not as a client relationship, but as a concerned business partner."
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Frustrated by a shortage of reliable drivers? Is time spent on recruiting and qualifying drivers getting in the way of focusing on your core business?

Let Trillium Driver Solutions take on the job.

An Overview...

Trillium will become the employer of record for some or your entire driver workforce, saving you money on benefits, hiring costs, and legacy costs deriving from workers compensation claims. Unlike a PEO or payrolling service, our Dedicated Driver Management Services allow Trillium and your organization to share in discipline and discharge decisions. In arrangements of on-site fleet management service, Trillium will assume dispatch and worksite supervision responsibilities as well. Clients that use our Dedicated Driver Management program are able to size their operations to fit current business cycles and seasonal demands.

You are a good fit for Dedicated Driver Management if you have...

  • 5-50 Drivers in the fleet
  • Expensive overtime costs
  • Restrictive work regulations
  • Market level wages
  • Routes that require little training
  • Some demand for casual or temporary drivers
  • Looking to provide top quality benefits at an affordable price
  • Moderate to high employee turnover
  • Administrative office challenges or turnover

Save Money

  • Fewer Full-Time Employees for recruiting and management of drivers
  • Reduce / eliminate recruiting costs
  • Reduce turnover
  • Cheaper, often better, benefits
  • Reduce comp premiums by eliminating high risk groups

Save Time

Every minute you save from managing drivers is a minute you can devote to your core business.

  • We handle all employment paperwork, tax filings, comp management, etc.
  • We handle all the recruiting and screening

Make Money

Take on larger pieces of your business or expand into new markets knowing you can depend on us to get all the drivers you need.

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