You Can't Afford NOT To Build An Employment Brand

Whether it’s the time or the money invested that has prevented you from building an employment brand, you cannot afford to miss out any longer. A recent survey done by LinkedIn including 4,700 employers, found that employers saved as much as 50% on each new hire after creating a strong employment brand. By the time time you figure that across each new hire alone, you have quickly justified the investment!

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While the initial savings a strong employment brand can produce is exciting, there are several equally or more important reasons that creating and maintaining a strong employment brand can be the key to your company’s success in the future. Companies with a strong employment brand tend to have lower employee turnover, better employee morale, receive more passive candidates, have employees that are constantly marketing their brand, customers experience better service, and have a stronger public image. So where do you begin building your employment brand?

Simple. You start with your employees. Take the time to speak with your staff about what they best enjoy about your company, areas they see for improvement, what drives them to produce at work, and ask them to share suggestions. Take some time to decide what your company is about, your mission, your goals for the future, and how your company impacts those who come in contact with it.

Next you need to communicate it. Have your employees share stories via social media, blogs, video interviews, and print to really communicate who you are and where you are going as an organization. Finally, you need to continue to foster and promote your brand. If your vision, benefits, and goals change you need to communicate that as well. Promoting an employment brand that isn’t true to who you are today and where you want to be can do more damage than good.

Keep in mind the key to maintaining a strong employment brand is simple, creating a working environment that is attractive to candidates and employees alike. Employee recognition, workplace flexibility, and a positive atmosphere that draws people in and makes them want to stay is what it is all about.

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