Why Your Business Should Be On LinkedIn!

Whether you are just jumping into social media through other sites or have avoided a social media presence for your company altogether, your business needs to be on LinkedIn!


LinkedIn, unlike some other social media sites, was designed to be used for professional networking purposes only. From individual profiles to groups and company pages, the layout and format is intended to connect professionals with common interests. By doing so, LinkedIn has avoided many of the workplace blunders and law suits that other social media sites have become attached to. Almost 3 million companies have created Company Pages on the site and over 5.7 billion professionally oriented searches were conducted on the site in 2012 alone, making LinkedIn a powerhouse for marketing, recruiting, and career development opportunities.

Not sure where to get started? Here are some quick tips!

  • Create a Company Page. Make sure to include a photo, preferably including your logo for brand recognition.
  • Build Your Followers. Announce to your staff that your company has joined LinkedIn and invite them to follow you as well as invite additional followers who may have an interest in your line of work, product line, or general industry.
  • Build Your Content. Provide your followers with informative content on a consistent basis. Post articles of interest, blog posts, company updates, and job postings to keep your company name and page fresh on their mind and their newsfeed.
  • Be Interactive. Make sure to measure engagement with your followers and learn which topics gain the most engagement from your audience, as well as what content seems to fall through the cracks. Make sure that you respond quickly and professionally to all comments, questions, and inquiries.

As with any network, a social network following can take time to build. The more members of your team that are involved with sharing your page and content to their connections, the faster your engagement will grow. Identifying members of your organization that may have access to articles of interest, industry trends, and general discussions can greatly advance your branding opportunities.

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You Can't Afford NOT To Build An Employment Brand

Whether it’s the time or the money invested that has prevented you from building an employment brand, you cannot afford to miss out any longer. A recent survey done by LinkedIn including 4,700 employers, found that employers saved as much as 50% on each new hire after creating a strong employment brand. By the time time you figure that across each new hire alone, you have quickly justified the investment!

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