75% of Your Staff is Prepared to Leave!

Could you imagine if 75% of your staff left for another opportunity? It could happen. According to LinkedIn’s Talent Trends 2014, 75% of professionals are open to changing jobs! With the average time to fill a position nearly an entire month, passive recruiting could be a detriment to your bottom line, and your business.

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Average Time To Fill Hits Peak Since 2001!

So it’s not your imagination, the time to fill your job vacancies has grown substantially. The Dice-DFH Vacancy Duration Measure, recently reported the average time to fill a vacancy had jumped to almost 27 working days in February 2015.


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How To Conduct A Confidential Job Search

Almost every employee considers making a career move at some point in their life. The best time to make a career move is when you’re already employed. You have the ability to field offers and opportunities with an open mind, your sense of urgency doesn’t over power your decision making skills, and a recent poll on LinkedIn reported as many as 60% of employers preferred passive candidates.

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Our Talent Magnet

Have you ever wondered just where in the world we locate our talent? Well the answer is complex but simple at the same time. We have a number of unique tools and processes that allow us to obtain top level talent in a multitude of niche industries. Two of our most powerful tools work very closely together and couldn’t be anymore different in nature.

Our strongest recruitment tools today are our job board and referrals. Ironically, referrals are one of the most traditional and longest standing recruitment forms that exist and our website incorporates state of the art technology and marketing including social media.

So how do the two co-exist? They have two common threads; trust and people.

With over 30 years of recognition as a leader in staffing and recruitment, people across the country have experienced the level of commitment our recruiters dedicate to their career search. We’ve become one of the most trusted recruitment firms in the country, allowing us the opportunity to speak with the referrals of our happy employees! The majority of these referrals learn more about us as an organization and our opportunities through our job board before contacting us.

Here is a snap shot of our website in 1998:

1998 SiteHere is what it looks like today:

Current Site

Our job board houses approximately 1,000 job postings daily and allows candidates an added level of confidentiality that they don’t receive from major job boards. How is that? Your current employer likely has access to your state job board and the major online job boards, giving them the opportunity to locate your resume.

Our candidates and employees take great comfort in knowing that their resume cannot be discovered by their current employer or anyone outside of our organization. That piece of mind is priceless for a passive or currently employed person seeking a change.

As such our clients get the benefit of our ability to attract and identify the best candidates in their industry, not just those who are willing to post their information for any employer to view or are actively seeking a career change.

Want to learn more about how you can gain access to Trillium’s national network of top level talent? Contact us today! If you are a stand out in your profession and seeking contingent or long term career opportunities, visit our job seekers section for more information!


Trillium, a national leader in staffing and recruitment is a valued staffing partner to over 5,000 companies nationwide. Trillium is privately owned by Oskar René Poch.

Your Employees Are Looking To Leave!

Do you think your employees are happy with their current career? Think again! A recent study by University of Phoenix found that may not be the case. The continuous improvement of economic conditions and the increased career opportunities in most industries, has assisted in the increase of passive candidates. So who are these passive candidates?

  • 78% of workers in their 20’s are interested in changing careers
  • 64% of workers in their 30’s are interested in changing careers
  • 54% of workers in their 40’s are interested in changing careers
  • 51% of workers in their 50’s are interested in changing careers
  • 26% of workers who are in their 60’s or older are interested in changing careers


With such a large majority of the workforce interested in making a career change, maintaining your strongest performers can be an uphill battle. The struggle to locate top level talent has resulted in many employers offering a multitude of incentives to locate strong performers including referral bonuses, larger relocation packages, sign on bonuses, and other perks making the decision to leave a current employer more appealing for some candidates who may be on the fence about making a career change. So what can you do to maintain your team?

The high costs attributed to employee turnover far outweigh the costs of most employee retention and appreciation programs. If your organization does not engage in an employee retention program, now is a great time to consider employing one!

Are you a stand out professional, technical professional, driver, or skilled worker seeking contingent, temporary, or long term career opportunities?  Visit our job board  for more information!  Want to learn more about how you can gain access to Trillium’s national network of professionals and skilled workers? Contact us today!

Trillium, a national leader in staffing and recruitment is a valued staffing partner to over 5,000 companies nationwide. Trillium is privately owned by Oskar René Poch.

You Can't Afford NOT To Build An Employment Brand

Whether it’s the time or the money invested that has prevented you from building an employment brand, you cannot afford to miss out any longer. A recent survey done by LinkedIn including 4,700 employers, found that employers saved as much as 50% on each new hire after creating a strong employment brand. By the time time you figure that across each new hire alone, you have quickly justified the investment!

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