Truck Driver Shortage = Higher Costs for Everyone

Walking through the grocery aisle, we may take for granted the easily accessible and seemingly endless supply of non perishable items available to us on grocery shelves. However, these items do not magical appear there, just waiting for us to purchase them. A nationwide team of Logistics Professionals and Drivers are there to ensure we have the products we want/need in a timely manner. However, what happens when the number of Drivers available to deliver said goods, starts to dwindle?

Line of Trucks VR

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What Do the 2012 Top 100 For-Hire Carriers Have In Common?

Transport Topics recently released of their 2012 Top 100 For-Hire Carriers rankings. Ranked and evaluated in a number of areas including annual revenue, net income, number of employees, equipment, and their operating units, this report is provides an at a glance analysis of the trends that are shaping today’s industry. What do these major players have in common?

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