What Do the 2012 Top 100 For-Hire Carriers Have In Common?

Transport Topics recently released of their 2012 Top 100 For-Hire Carriers rankings. Ranked and evaluated in a number of areas including annual revenue, net income, number of employees, equipment, and their operating units, this report is provides an at a glance analysis of the trends that are shaping today’s industry. What do these major players have in common?


While these organizations range in size from under 100 employees to upwards of nearly 400,000 employees, the need for their operations and service to flow seamlessly is universal. In order to excel in the for-hire industry, the level of service, professionalism of the drivers, and their ability to quickly adapt to their clients changing needs is crucial.

The majority of this influence comes from the direct actions and qualifications of their staff. With positions ranging from drivers through operations managers and CEO’s, the level of service that is experienced at the customer level is directly impacted by all roles. In the competitive market of for-hire carriers, turnaround time and service are critical to maintaining a strong customer base and solid figures for the bottom line.

So how do these organizations set themselves apart? They’ve likely captured and maintained some of the strongest talent in the logistics industry. Locating, identifying, and qualifying logistics professionals and drivers in a timely manner can be difficult for even the most experienced of organizations to do. The ever changing regulations put on our industry only add to the level of difficulty.

Trillium Drivers is proud to provide qualified drivers and logistics professionals to half of the companies ranked in the top ten this year!

Our clients benefit from having an industry experienced staffing partner that provides a wide range of customized services ranging from casual drivers to trial hire drivers as well as direct hire placements of logistics professionals. While taking on the burden and resources of the recruiting, hiring, and even in some cases managing of staff; we allow our clients to do what they do best, provide world class service to clients nationwide. As leaders in the driver staffing industry, we are proud to call many of this year’s recognized companies our valued clients.

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Trillium, a national leader in staffing and recruitment is a valued staffing partner to over 5,000 companies nationwide. Trillium is privately owned by Oskar René Poch.



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