Layoffs Remain In Headlines, Returns To Work Delayed

Over the last few months, large corporations have made headlines with major job cuts. These cuts come on the heels of a multi-year hiring surge in most industries and an employment market dominated by job seeker demands for pay increases, remote work opportunities and sign on bonuses at increasing levels.

The tech industry has been hit especially hard, reportedly seeing the highest layoff levels since 2000. As layoffs continue and hiring cools in many industries, returning to work for some is becoming increasingly difficult.

The Department of Labor reports 826k unemployed workers remained out of work from 3.5 to 6 months in December. This was a dramatic 36% increase from April of 2022.

If you find yourself in a position of seeking new employment, here are some things to keep in mind in the current economy:

  • Talent supply is increasing while hiring demand is decreasing, as a result US wages are expected to fall back to pre-pandemic levels over the next few months.
  • Make sure that your resume is up to date and enriched with keywords relevant to your skillset. Employers in some industries are flooded with applies and are relying on search strings to quickly identify qualified talent.
  • Be prepared to broaden your job search outside of your industry. Those in technology and talent acquisition may find far less opportunities available and more talent applying for those positions than other industries.
  • Be prepared for a longer than usual return to work and to apply to more positions than usual to land a new role.
  • Remain open to contract and contract to hire roles as employers may be cautious to permanent hires over the next few months.

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Conducting Seasonal Layoffs? Don't Miss This!

Many HR professionals and hiring managers would agree that cutting staff is one of their least favorite job responsibilities. Unfortunately, it happens. For even the most experienced managers, conducting layoffs can be a difficult situation. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are conducting a layoff!

0061. Show your staff respect and professional courtesy. Whenever possible, a layoff should be communicated in a face to face setting. Sending out a company wide email can come across as insensitive, cause speculations, and disrupt the entire workforce. Conducting an in person meeting can allow for some questions and answers, shows your employees that you share in their concerns, and can eliminate a lot of speculation and rumors in the workplace. Be prepared for a wide range of emotions and responses and understand that you may not be able to provide answers to all of their questions.

2. Be a strong communicator. Make sure that your management team has clear boundaries about what information is being shared and what must remain confidential. Having pieces of information released sporadically can cause additional emotions for your staff and cause larger issues. Set a clear and concise understanding of what information is public and be prepared to comment on only those topics during meetings, staff inquiries, etc. Make sure to communicate any updates or lack there of with your staff regularly. Employees will have a better comfort level if they are aware of what changes and developments are occurring as they happen without having to seek out information.

3. Be honest. While you may not be able to share certain details about the state of the company, business projections, or a specific individual’s future; there is always some information that you can share. If you anticipate further layoffs in the future, avoid denying it to your staff. If you have a clear idea of how many positions may be affected, be honest and upfront.

4. Offer solutions. One of the best ways to show professional courtesy to your staff members during this difficult time is to offer them some solutions. If you are aware of job opportunities in a different location, division, or department that may be viable alternatives for staff that is effected by the layoff, share the information. Do you have a staffing partner? Contact them! Many staffing agencies are industry specialized and would love an opportunity to come meet with those who are being effected and possibly provide future career opportunities. Be as flexible as possible including allowing employees to make interview arrangements during the day.

Maintaining a productive and respectful workplace is essential for any business to continue to move forward. Creating an environment that includes chaos, rumors, and gossip will work against you in the long run. While having these frank conversations is never easy, the alternative is most certainly worse.

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