Is Your New Hire One of the 84 Percent?

If you have ever worked in recruiting or HR this statistic may not shock you. As many as 84% of new hires do not live up to expectations. With today’s screening, testing, and interviewing processes this may seem like a high number. Unfortunately, some behaviors just cannot be predicted.


According to Business Insider, here are the top 13 most common reasons for termination:

  1. Poor performance
  2. Bringing your personal problems into the office
  3. Falsifying your resume or application
  4. Attendance and punctuality
  5. Lying or stealing
  6. Sleeping on the job
  7. Associations with office politics
  8. Engaging in gossip or complaining about work
  9. Sexual harassment
  10. Insubordination
  11. Violation of company Internet or email use policy
  12. Being intoxicated at work
  13. Social Media misuse

While some behaviors cannot be predicted, there are a few things you can do to reduce employee turnover.

  • Provide clear expectations that are reinforced regularly. If an employee has clear performance goals, attendance expectations, and understands your organizations policies and procedures they are often less likely to have issues in these areas.
  • Promote a positive and productive work environment. Employees in a new environment can quickly be pulled into existing gossip or office politic issues. Making sure these issues are handled with your existing staff can decrease the likelihood of your new hire becoming involved.
  • Provide work environment based training. Providing your staff with trainings on topics such as office etiquette, sexual harassment, and your specific policies for computer use and social media can be crucial to a new hire’s success. Often times trainings revolve around job specific duties and behaviors that may have been considered acceptable for a previous employer could carry over.

Recruiting, identifying, and screening for the right fit is a difficult job. Working closely with hiring managers on a regular basis and having a clear expectation of what you expect from each role on your team can greatly increase the odds of success.

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