Trillium Construction Announces the 2019 Employee of the Year!

Trillium is excited to announce that the 2019 Employee of the Year has been chosen! Congratulations to Chad Riphenburg with our Eau Claire, WI construction office for being selected as the 2019 Employee of the year!

[Pictured above: Chad Riphenburg left, Gary Englert right]

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12 High Paying Construction Jobs to Consider

I have written about it time and time again that the skilled trades industry is an excellent alternative to a formal 4 year education. There are more than enough various skills sets to gravitate towards and not only that but positions in the skilled trades and construction industries can be very lucrative when it comes to pay, benefits and opportunities available.

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What To Expect From The Construction Industry in 2019!

We may already be a quarter of the way through the new year but it is never to late to try and plan for what lies ahead. This is no different for the construction industry in 2019. However, a report released in late 2018 may, in fact, show a very minimal change in construction activity, only increasing in revenue by about $2 million from the previous year. So what does this mean?

In short, this could simply mean that while record growth within the construction industry is starting to plateau, spending and activity related to projects are most likely going to stay constant through 2019 with very minimal increases in overall spending. However, there are still some key factors that indicate a change is on the horizon. Based on past events with a similarly strong economy, this level of growth and spending is simply not sustainable over a long period of time.

Chief Economist and VP of Dodge Data & Analytics, Robert Murray, believes that a even if the construction industry sees a decrease in activity that doesn’t necessarily mean that the overall state will suffer a decline. It is his belief that overall value and spending on construction starts will achieve a “deceleration…the enhanced level of activity that has been achieved over the past several years.” In essence, the construction industry may fall back to where spending and activity was at its most profitable and sustainable over the past few years; a decline but not drastic.

However, according to Cristian deRitis, the Senior Director of Moody’s Analytics, the biggest red flag indicating an economic decline is the steady but low unemployment rate. Cristian argues that, historically, “any time unemployment hovers around 4.5%, recession comes about three years later.” And, in fact, ever since March of 2018, the unemployment rate has been steadily dropping. With this information in mind, according to Moody’s Analytics and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this could mean that the economy is due for a recession next summer.

In addition, it is no surprise that the desperate demand for a skilled workforce is effecting the overall health of the construction industry. In a recent survey performed by the Associated General Contractors of America and Autodesk, 81% of those surveyed said they are having a hard time filling craft positions and 56% said the same thing about salaried positions. Where a small number of contractors are attempting to sustain through the labor shortage, the overall problem is that economists agree that is a problem that isn’t going away overnight. Only time will tell how much the construction industry will be able to retain this level of productivity through a long-term labor shortage and consistent low unemployment rates. However, all signs seem to point to 2019 remaining steady and profitable.

The Trillium brand of companies is privately owned by René Poch and provides more than 30 years of industry leading recruitment and staffing services through its divisions including: Trillium Staffing, Trillium Construction Services, Trillium Driver Solutions, Trillium Marine, Trillium Technical, Trillium Environmental, Trillium Hospitality and Trillium Techs. With approximately 100 offices nationwide and nearly 400 internal recruitment professionals, the Trillium brand is proud to be recognized by Staffing Industry Analysts as a Top 25 Largest Industrial Staffing Firm in the U.S., a Top 100 Largest Staffing Firm in the U.S., a Top 100 Fastest Growing Staffing Firm in the U.S., and a winner of National Best and Brightest Companies to Work For. For more information please visit



The Growing Manufacturing Skills Gap and the Myths Behind It!

As in the construction and transportation industries, the manufacturing sector is experiencing an ever increasing skills gap which is ultimately resulting in millions of jobs potentially going unfilled in the next 10+ years. What seems to be causing this growing issue and what can be done about it?

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How Awareness and Early Education Can Combat the Construction Labor Shortage!

It is no surprise to anyone in the skilled trades industry that we are in the middle of a very serious and real labor shortage. In fact, according to, 80% of US based construction companies surveyed are experiencing problems in finding qualified workers, mainly hourly skilled trades workers. Just within the state of NY, 79% of companies stated having issues locating hourly workers, according to the Associated General Contractors of America;s 2018 Workforce Survey.

Guy on site Smaller

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1.6 Million New Workers Needed In This Industry By 2022!

With the job market booming in most sectors, you may be surprised to learn that the construction industry is tied in growth with the medical industry! Experiencing an annual employment growth rate of 2.6%, the demand for skilled and experienced talent both in skilled trades and management is undeniable. Experts with ABC predict that 1.6 million new skilled workers will be needed in the construction industry by 2022!

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Construction Jobs and Skilled Trades Jobs In Arizona!

Are you looking for a construction or skilled trades job in Arizona? We may have your job! Trillium Construction Services is excited to announce the opening of our newest location in Phoenix, Arizona!


As national leaders in construction staffing, our team partners with some of the busiest and most respected contractors in the country. We are excited to announce that the demand coming from these leading contractors has prompted us to open a location in Phoenix!

Our team is now hiring experienced:

  • Journeyman Electricians
  • Electrician Helpers
  • Electrician Apprentices
  • Sheet Metal Mechanics
  • Sheet Metal Helpers
  • Plumbers
  • Journeyman Plumbers
  • Plumber Apprentices
  • Plumber Helpers

If you are seeking construction job in Arizona with great income potential, full time hours including overtime possibilities, and the chance to get a foot in the door with the areas leading contractors; register with Trillium Construction today!

Click here to begin the process!

Want to learn more about how you can gain access to Trillium’s national network of experienced construction workers? Contact us today!  If you are a stand out skilled trades worker seeking short or long term career opportunities, visit our job seekers section for more information!

Trillium, a national leader in staffing and recruitment is a valued staffing partner to over 5,000 companies nationwide.Trillium is privately owned by Oskar René Poch.

Oil And Gas Industry Jobs On The Rise!

Are you looking for a job in the oil or gas industries? Now is the time! Almost half of the U.S. hiring managers in the industry are anticipating job growth including many full time positions yet this year!


A recent survey conducted by Rigzone,  reported that more than a quarter of oil and gas employers planned to use more staffing agencies to fill positions in 2013 than they had in the past. Obtaining a position in the oil and gas industry through a construction or skilled trades staffing firm can provide additional security and benefits for an employee. An established construction staffing agency will often provide more overtime opportunities, traveling positions, workplace flexibility, and more job stability as most work with multiple contractors in the industry and can keep tradesmen employed going project to project.

The areas with the most anticipated growth for 2013 in the oil and gas industry include:

Mechanical Engineers

Design Engineers

Petroleum Engineers

Electrical Engineers

Reservoir Engineers

Pipeline Engineers

HSE Managers

Finance and Accounting

Production Engineers

Production Operators

Process Engineers

Heavy Equipment Operators

Refinery Specialists

If you are interested in a new position in the oil and gas industry, now is the time to act! With a larger than usual opportunity for full time positions, these positions will fill quickly!

If you are a contractor seeking to add additional staff, anticipating your future needs sooner rather than later can help you in the search for talent. With approximately half of the contractors in the industry recruiting for the same types of tradesmen and engineers, the top level talent will likely be hired for positions earlier in the season. Also, consider partnering with a staffing firm that specializes in your line of business but services a multitude of positions. Creating and maintaining a relationship with a staffing partner that understands your needs and your company profile without reinventing the wheel each time, will save you a large amount of time and resources.

Want to learn more about how you can gain access to Trillium’s national network of experienced tradesmen and construction workers? Contact us today!  If you are a stand out skilled trades worker seeking short or long term career opportunities, visit our job seekers section for more information!

Trillium, a national leader in staffing and recruitment is a valued staffing partner to over 5,000 companies nationwide. Trillium is privately owned by Oskar René Poch.