Trillium Recognized as one of the 100 Largest Staffing Firms in the US!

René Poch founder and CEO of Trillium Staffing, recently announced that Trillium had been recognized as one of the 100 Largest Staffing Firm in the United States by Staffing Industry Analysts.

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Trillium Staffing Recognized by 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in 2019!

Trillium Staffing is excited to announce that once again they have been recognized by West Michigan’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in 2019. The awards competition provides the regional business community with the opportunity to showcase their best practices and demonstrate why they are an ideal place for employees to work. The awards are presented to organizations based on nominations and direct feedback from employees of each organization.

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Referrals and Their Impact on Your Success

It’s no surprise that top performers in sales and recruiting tend to utilize and see the value in referrals. The fact of the matter is that prospective clients and customers are more inclined to buy what you’re selling if a friend or colleague can vouch for you. Referrals can be a powerful tool regardless of your industry or what it is you are selling. From selling products and services to filling orders and selling jobs, referrals should be an integral part of any sales strategy.

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Professional Development Day…It's Not Just for Teachers

Was the last time you heard the phrase “Professional Development Day” in relation to teachers training while students had the day off? Shouldn’t we all take a day away from our primary responsibilities to refresh our skills and cross train with our peers? Absolutely!


While it may seem nearly impossible to pull your staff away from their day to day duties, the growth and development could be priceless for your organization. Partnering seasoned staff members with those who are new to the organization or even from different departments, can be great way to gain new insights, ideas, and processes.

Here are just a few of the benefits of getting your team together for some training refreshers:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased morale
  • Better collaboration between departments
  • Idea generation increases
  • Decreased employee turnover
  • Reduction in costs due to errors or lost productivity
  • Cross training opportunities
  • Increased communication
  • Inefficient processes identified

Training and employee development can be performed as formally or informally as you see fit and can be achieved with very little financial investment. The key components to hosting a successful staff development day are having a well planned and organized agenda outlining what areas you hope to cover and what objectives you have to accomplish. Be sure to consider your audience and set clear expectations for everyone who will be joining on what they should bring, what they should prepare for, and any topics that they should be prepared to speak on.

Want to learn more about how you can gain access to Trillium’s national network of top level talent? Contact us today! If you are a stand out in your profession and seeking contingent or long term career opportunities, visit our job seekers section for more information!


Trillium, a national leader in staffing and recruitment is a valued staffing partner to over 5,000 companies nationwide. Trillium is privately owned by Oskar René Poch.