Trillium Construction’s San Bernardino Office Has Been Named the 2019 Safety Branch of the Year!

Trillium is excited to announce that the San Bernardino, CA Construction office has been named the 2019 Safety Branch of the Year!

[Pictured from Left to Right: Brandon Silvera – Divisional Vice President; Jeff Waugh – Area Manager and Safety Committee Member; Wolf Hopen – San Bernardino Area Sales Manager; Daniel Gonzalez – San Bernardino Recruiter; Toby Copeland – CA Area Manager; Jamie Ellis – Senior Safety Manager]

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Take Hydration Seriously in this Heat!

In the simplest terms, dehydration occurs when you lose more water than you take in. Staying hydrated is important to keep all your body functions running smoothly.

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The Importance of Sun Protection!

Summer is just a few weeks away and with mother nature finally giving some us a taste of warmer temperatures and sunshine, now is the time to start being mindful of keeping yourself safe from harmful UV rays.

{Pictured Above: Trillium Construction field employees showcasing the proper use of sun protection while on the job site.}

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Cold Weather Exposure and How To Stay Safe!

As you all know the very frigid temperatures are coming within the next few days! Prolonged exposure to low temperatures, wind and/or moisture can result in cold-related injury from frostbite and hypothermia. Here are some suggestions on how to keep warm and avoid frostbite and hypothermia. You do not plan for injuries or frostbite, so if something unfortunate happens and you are exposed to the cold elements (I.E. car breakdown, roadblock, road shutdown, car wreck, etc.) make sure you are prepared in every way possible.

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The Costs of Delayed Reporting of Workers' Compensation Claims!

Does your organization make timely reporting of workers’ compensation claims a priority? Studies have demonstrated the costly effects of delayed reporting for organizations in the United States. The costs of delayed reporting will vary by employer based on the fact that each claim is different, each employee is different, and each injury may involve different circumstances. However, regardless of the nature of your business there is a direct correlation between the reporting time and the cost of the claim.


The faster a workers’ compensation claim is received by the adjuster, the faster and more controlled the process is. The adjuster is able to conduct a thorough investigation while the facts of the claim are still readily available, before the employee and any witnesses may forget key details that are critical to the claim. Prompt reporting can also help to eliminate any delays in providing appropriate medical care and wage benefits to the injured employee.

Recent data released by Sedgwick Claims Management Services Inc. found:

  • Claims that close within 30 days of occurrence cost an average of $287 and about 90% of those claims will remain medical-only cases.
  • Claims that remain open 31-90 days jump to an average cost of $722.
  • Claims that remain open 181-365 days jump to an average cost of $6,875

A recent study completed by NCCI on lag time also found:

  • Week two after the date of the incident cost an average of 18% more than claims reported during the first week.
  • Weeks three and four following the date of the incident averaged a 30% increase in claims cost.
  • After four weeks the costs increased an average of 45% higher.

Making sure your staff is familiar with the importance of quickly reporting any incidents and injuries is key to controlling your costs. Any injury regardless of it’s initial significance should follow the same reporting process that should be clearly outlined in the employee handbook and regularly posted in break rooms and other common areas.