Holiday Office Parties and Get-Togethers, Yay or Nay?

With the holidays in full swing, the question remains; to throw or not to throw an office party? Luckily, there are fun and cost effective options out there that may still help in boosting moral and building camaraderie amongst co-workers if and when an offsite party is not feasible.


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Cell Phone Etiquette In The Workplace

With over half of the adults in the United States owning a smartphone, it’s no surprise that their presence in the workplace has created some disruptions. Most companies have policies in place that include guidance on the use of mobile devices in the workplace, that will likely grow to include more specific technology as time progresses. Even if your company does not have a policy against or limiting the use of mobile devices in the workplace, exercising proper etiquette with your mobile phone or device can have an impact on your professional image.


Here are some quick etiquette tips for the use of mobile devices in the workplace:

  • Don’t allow interruptions. Do not interrupt a conversation with someone either on another line or in person to accept a call or respond to a message. Showing your colleagues and clients that they have your undivided attention is important to rapport and respect building in the workplace.
  • Make sure your mobile device is appropriately represented in the workplace. Whether it is a personal device or a company issued mobile device, if it is making an appearance in the workplace it should be appropriate for the environment. Make sure that your device has a professional ring tone, neutral case or cover, and your background photo is appropriate for the workplace. Inappropriate covers, background photos, or ring tones may be offensive to those around you and could result in a poor professional image or discipline.
  • Respect the no phone zones. Even a company issued phone should not be present in all situations. Meetings, lunch appointments, and restrooms are just a few places that your mobile device is likely not welcome. Silence your device and keep it in your bag, briefcase, or pocket.
  • Be respectful of those around you. Those around you will quickly grow annoyed with the constant ringing or vibrating from your device, especially in a cubicle setting. Be sure to silence your device and step away to take personal calls.
  • Don’t be an under the table reader. Let’s face it those around you are aware of what you’re doing. Responding to emails, texts, or surfing the internet below the table only draws more attention to you. If you feel the need respond to an urgent message, politely excuse yourself from the group.

Consider adding cell phone etiquette into your next staff training or meeting agenda to help eliminate distractions or disruptions in the workplace. Chances are there are several staff members who are losing productivity due to their cell phone usage and causing disruptions to those around them.

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