Social Media and The Workplace

The topic of social media and its effects on the workplace have likely come up in your organization. As a relatively new topic in case-law, social media and its place in the workplace is still unsettled. What can you do to protect yourself as an individual and as an organization?

  • Consider implementing a Social Media Policy, if you haven’t already. Before establishing and implementing a social media policy, consider consulting with a Labor and Employment Law Attorney for a better understanding of your rights and limitations.
  • Unless your company policy allows for it, do not use social media during business hours or on company equipment. If your company does not have a policy against it, remember that your time spent on social media during the work day may still violate other policies or have an impact on your performance. Make sure to minimize your time and ensure that during business hours your correspondence is professionally related.
  • If you plan to interact or connect with colleagues, clients, and co-workers through social media, consider creating different accounts for your personal and professional relationships. Be sure to check your privacy settings to ensure that your personal and professional lives do not intersect.
  • Remember that anything you say or do online can be searched, shared, printed, or accessed through other means even if you remove it.

Case law is stacking up across the country including wrongful termination suits, EEOC violations, sexual harassment suits, and more that are associated with social media. Making sure that yourself and your organization have a clear understanding of what your individual and your organizational rights are before taking action is imperative.

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