Manufacturing Jobs in 2014

While most hiring sectors have increased dramatically in recent years, manufacturing has shown one of the strongest and most stable growth rates. In 2014 alone, manufacturing alone has added 168,000 jobs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

ManufacturingBOLManufacturing has added over 700,000 jobs since February of 2010, many due to durable goods.

What does this mean for employers?

The number of qualified and unemployed manufacturing workers is quickly depleting. Locating  qualified workers is becoming increasingly difficult, especially with the ever changing production technology changes. Many employers are seeking alternative hiring methods including: referral bonuses, large marketing campaigns, and staffing partnerships in order to meet their growing demands.

While many more entry level positions require little to no experience, hiring under-qualified staff can cost employers in other areas. Additional investments in employee training, employee turnover, work related injuries, and quality re-works can all be attributed to hiring under-qualified manufacturing workers. Employers who implement formal training and safety processes most often experience lower cost burdens related to product quality, employee turnover, and work related injuries and illnesses.

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