Offer is Made! Your job is done, right? Wrong!

A new study conducted by shows that over 50% of applicants continue searching for a new position even after the offer is made! In working with SilkRoad Technology and the Harris Poll, Careerbuilder surveyed 1,138 hiring Managers and 1,100 employees this past summer. The findings were quite enlightening.

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Application Time: How important Is It?

  • The longer it takes for an applicant to fill out an application, the less likely they are to finish, not rocket science. In fact 19% of those surveyed stated that if the application is estimated to take longer than 10 minutes, they will not complete it.
  • It was also determined that whereas access to a mobile application would be easy and convenient, it is not necessarily a deal breaker if this isn’t an option for an applicant. Only 10% said they wouldn’t apply at all if a mobile app wasn’t available.

After the Application Is Submitted:

  • The #1 complaint from applicants is being left in the dark after an application is submitted. 48% of those surveyed sited this as their number one frustration. This was followed by length of application process and the application not parsing properly into the user’s profile.
  • 76% of employees stated that email is the preferred method for employers to follow up post-application. Even with the advent of new technology such as texting (only 18% preferred), email has consistently been the easiest and most preferred method.
  • Across the board (all genders and ages 79+%), whether it is through email, phone or text, employees want more communication at the beginning and through the entirety of the application process. Prospective employees not only expect to hear something within 1-2 weeks of submitting the application, but also expect a clear timeline from the company with which they applied.

After the Job Offer is Made:

  • On average, after an employee has received a job offer (and accepted the offer), over 50% will continue to look for other jobs while they are going through the pre-screening and background check process.
  • More importantly, 41% of employees stated that they are only willing to wait up to 10 days after an offer is made for these pre-screening processes to conclude. This number drops drastically to only 22% after the 10 day threshold.
  • According to the employers surveyed, a staggering 86% of them have had a candidate walk away after the offer had been made and accepted.

What Can Be Done? 

  • This is simple. Create an engaging and interactive on-boarding process. In fact, 72% of employees stated that if they have a positive on-boarding experience within the first 60 days, they will not only stay with the company but will actively refer friends or colleagues.
  • On-boarding doesn’t end once the employee is hired. Continual involvement and engagement during the first few months of an employee’s start is critical. Almost 1 in 5 employees stated they want some sort of feedback monthly or even more often during their first few months of employment. In addition, over half stated that the HR department should also touch base during their first year of employment.

Bottom line is that whether you are making the hiring decision or are the one accepting an offer, increased transparency with the on-boarding and overall hiring process is imperative for both Employers and Employees to have a harmonious experience. The end result would be higher retention rates, lower turnover rates and in the end, lower recruiting costs.

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