Illness in the Workplace

When an illness strikes, we all know that there is a fine line between trying to stand tough and trying to protect your co-workers from suffering the same fate. What is important is when to know that one trumps the other. The following are warning signs to keep in mind when trying to determine if you should stay home or go to the office.


  • If a fever is present, stay home. Infections such as the flu that cause fever, body aches and chills are very easy to spread. One co-worker comes down with flu-like symptoms and the by the next week, half of the office is infected!
  • Excessive sneezing/coughing when working closely with others. Even if you are very considerate when covering your sneeze or cough, infectious germs are still being spread throughout the air. When working in close quarters with co-workers, air borne germs are definitely the enemy!
  • Extreme fatigue/grogginess. If an illness is keeping you from sleeping properly or is causing extreme fatigue, this could be a sign of a more severe infection. Sitting at your computer or out on a jobsite all day will only make it worse, not to mention that your productivity level will plummet. By taking a day to catch up on sleep and let your body heal properly, you will make a huge difference in your overall well-being and productiveness.
  • When you bring an illness to the workplace, everyone suffers! Even if you think you can “be a trooper” and come to work when you are feeling under the weather, others around you may suffer the consequences of those actions. Having one person come to work with an illness can ultimately cause a good portion of the office to be affected, resulting in loss productivity, moral and, in the long run, profits.

Spreading illness through the workplace has, unfortunately become so commonplace that some consider it culturally acceptable. However, by paying attention to your body and the warning signs that are presented, you can help to ensure that your office doesn’t suffer from your seasonal illnesses. Even though it is said that misery loves company, let’s keep the germs at home!

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