Attention Drivers! Are You Up To Date?

In an effort to eliminate drivers’ having to carry their medical cards with them at all times while driving, FMCSA has passed a ruling where CDL licenses are tied to the drivers physicals.

Beginning January, 2012, drivers are required to get a copy of their long form physicals to their home state licensing agency.  Although the ruling says you can fax it to your state licensing agency, we recommend our employees hand deliver it to your local office so you know it was received.  This document is then tied to the CDL and whenever the physical expires, if a new one is not received by the appropriate state licensing agency the CDL is suspended until they receive the long form physical.


From this point forward, whenever a driver receives a new physical, the long form must be faxed to the appropriate state agency to insure their CDL does not get suspended.  Although this new rule may not have been widely publicized, it has been implemented and is being enforced in all states.

If you need further information here’s the web site link on this topic:

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