Are You Doing Your Part to Reduce the $576B Lost Annually?

As the fall cold and flu seasons are upon us we brace for the inevitable, sick employees. The overall impact of an unhealthy workforce on your bottom line can be very damaging to your organization. According to the Integrated Benefits Institute, poor health amongst our workforce costs our economy $576B annually! (Read more here on their findings.)  While we cannot eliminate illness in the workplace there are proven methods to help reduce the risks of spreading illness.

Whether or not your organization has a formal wellness program, there are some simple and inexpensive ways to promote a healthy workforce including:

  • Encourage employees to practice a healthy lifestyle.
  • Encourage ill employees to stay home when contagious and make sure to sanitize their workstations quickly.
  • Provide hand sanitizer in convenient areas of the workplace and encourage employees to be conscious of the spread of illness.
  • Provide employees with information that can assist them in leading a healthy lifestyle. (Free Wellness Newsletters provides newsletters on a wide variety of topics here.)
  • Provide healthy food options in vending machines.
  • Have water cooler facilities readily available to employees.
  • Promote a smoke free facility.
  • Track illnesses and alert employees as well as provide prevention tips.

While it’s nearly impossible to eliminate illness these tips are a great starting point to reduce the spread of illness and the costly effects to your bottom line!

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