National Boss Day – A Day For Employee Recognition!

Was National Boss Day just another day on your calendar? Have you ever considered utilizing the day as an opportunity to recognize your staff and how their accomplishments have contributed to the success of your organization, regardless of their title? Start today!

Most experienced managers would agree that their success is dependent on having the right team and talent in place to excel in their industry. With today’s shortage of top level talent in several industries, it is essential to recognize and retain the top performers on your team. According to a recent survey by Jobvite upwards of 69% of employed Americans are actively seeking or open to new career opportunities. (Click here for more information on their survey)

What are you doing to retain your top performers? Do you have an employee recognition system? Do you regularly let your team members know how valuable they are to you and your organization? Here are some quick ways to recognize your top performers on a regular basis:

  • A personal note, email, or conversation thanking them for specific accomplishments or achievements they have had recently.
  • Send an email announcement as appropriate to your staff, recognizing specific contributions made by a team or team member.
  • Provide them with a gift card to one of their favorite places.
  • Treat them to lunch with their department or direct supervisor.
  • Take time to discuss their career ambitions and see if there are opportunities within your organization to achieve them.
  • Provide ongoing education or training to assist them with their professional growth within your organization.
  • Give positive feedback regularly.
  • Be sure to give top performers the attention that they deserve, they often don’t receive the same attention as some more difficult employees.

Take an active interest in your employees and their career ambitions on a daily basis. Employee recognition is a key factor in retaining the talent that makes you shine as a manager and as an organization!

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