Looking To Grow As A Recruiter? Check Out These Tips!

Whether you are new to the recruiting scene or might be considered a seasoned veteran, it is never too late to hone in on your recruiting skills. Check out these top 10 habits that Indeed.com considers to be fundamental for any successful recruiter.

  1. Be a candidate advocate. While you may be getting paid based on filling orders, try looking at each opening as an opportunity to advocate for both sides. Focus on your client’s needs but also keep in mind what may be best for your candidate. This will help to instill integrity and trustworthiness from both sides of the spectrum.
  2. Do first what you hate most. This may sound easier said than done but the best way to be productive is to not procrastinate. By getting your most taxing job done first, this can free up the rest of your day to focus on more enjoyable tasks such as touching base with clients or employees for referrals.
  3. Always be prospecting. This can be true for every candidate you come across. Keep in contact with them and make notes of what their strengths and weaknesses are. You may not have a fit for them now but that could change in the blink of an eye and by being prepared for the unexpected can help you to get the fill just that much faster.
  4. Get your referral on. We can’t stress how important referrals can be in the recruiting and hiring industry. Word of mouth will always be an extremely influential tool and it is your job to make sure you are taking advantage of the resources at hand. Keep the communication open between you and your solid candidates. Chances are individuals with exceptional work ethic hang out with people of the same mentality. Always ask if they know of anyone seeking work and make sure your candidates know you are available for further contact.
  5. Keep on collaborating. It is vital for recruiters to keep a strong working relationship with their hiring managers to ensure that communication and compromise can flow easily. Recruiters need to feel comfortable going to their hiring managers with issues and concerns and have the forethought to help them prioritize and plan on the best course of action with each order.
  6. Don’t stop demoing.¬†Technology is ever evolving and it is a critical tool for all recruiters to stay on top of. Even if you feel satisfied with your current work flow and programs/platforms available, it is always a good idea to stay ahead of the competition in terms of technological advances in the industry. You never know when a new program could help to revolutionize your company’s hiring strategy.
  7. Review data, but go with your gut. While the ability to pull large amounts of data is great and can make your job easier, it is important to not be fully reliant on this information. As we all know, technology can only do so much and it is important to keep in touch with any gut feelings you may have regarding candidates or clients alike. In other words, try and keep the human element alive in recruiting.
  8. Be honest and actionable. While it can be easy to be vague with a candidate if they didn’t get a specific role, it is not the best policy. Be honest and let them know what happened with the position or why someone else was better suited for the opening. Leave them with some kind of actionable item whether that means to hone in on our their interviewing skills or to simply keep looking for the right fit, candidates will appreciate the overall honesty.
  9. Find (multiple) mentors. No one should be above seeking guidance from others. Hiring and recruitment can be a tough game and it is always make it easier by reaching out to others for assistance or insight. Choose a handful of people that are knowledgeable in this space and be ready and willing to reach out when needed.
  10. Share what you know, and ask the same. Networking is a huge part of the recruiting industry and shouldn’t be something to be taken lightly. Not only can this help to increase your available candidate pool but you can also gather insight from industry leaders and use this information to grow and sustain your own hiring strategies. In addition, don’t be afraid to share what works for you when asked and hopefully the same individuals will do the same in return.

Not all recruiters are created equal and depending on the industry, overall strategies may be drastically different from one another. However, by keeping these habits in mind, you can try and grow as a recruiter and improve your company’s hiring strategy one candidate at a time.

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