How To Quit Your Job

Whether you’ve accepted a new opportunity or are leaving your current position for other reasons, quitting your job can be intimidating. Regardless of the emotions that have fueled your decision to leave the organization, resigning with dignity and professionalism is the best chance and preserving a positive work history and reference for future use.

stockxpertcom_id8988282_size2Here are a few tips for quitting your job:

  1. Consult your employment agreement. If you are subject to an employment agreement, review it thoroughly. It may include language on much notice you must provide in order to resign in good standing. This may include finishing a large project, providing two weeks notice, or may indicate that resignations are effective immediately.
  2. Provide a letter of resignation. While providing your resignation in person is preferred, you should still provide a written letter of resignation to your employer regardless of the rapport with your supervisor. The letter should thank them for the opportunity to work for the organization, should be respectful in nature, and should include the date that is is provided to the employer as well as your last day you intend to work. This provides both parties with a clear understanding of your separation and provides you with documentation in the future of your separation of employment if needed.
  3. Remain respectful and professional for the length of your employment. Submitting your resignation does not give you a free pass to act unprofessional or disengage in the workplace. Be sure to remain engaged and provide as much support for the transition as possible for your employer. This will help leave a positive impression of you as an employee and increase the likelihood of you receiving a positive reference from them in the future.
  4. Keep in mind your employer can still terminate your employment. While you may have submitted your resignation, unacceptable conduct following your resignation can still result in termination of employment.
  5. Request a letter of recommendation from your Supervisor. As careers take you down separate paths it may be difficult to obtain at a later date.

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