How To Market Today's Job Fair

Are you preparing to host or participate in an upcoming job fair? Pre-event marketing is essential to compete for talent with today’s job fairs. The previous marketing efforts of print ads, signs, and flyers just won’t get the job done. Let’s face it, what’s worse than sitting at a job fair only speaking with unqualified candidates or no candidates at all? Well, not much.


Today, most in-person job fairs are far less successful than they were even just a few years ago. What candidates want to spend half a day getting ready, printing a resume, driving across town, waiting in line to speak with someone, only to turn around and drive back home? Only those who know there is a direct benefit to them and that they’ll have an increased chance of being hired for their dream job. So how do you make that happen? Just like this…

  • Ditch the tombstone ads. If people aren’t looking for jobs in the newspaper, they certainly aren’t looking there for a job fair ad.
  • SEO is your new best friend. Power pack your social media channels, blog, company site, and internal job board with SEO rich content for the event. Speaking of friends, have them “like”, share, and comment on your event.
  • Clearly outline the benefits to attending. Will the hiring manager or decision maker be present? Are you offering on the spot interviews? Are you willing to schedule meetings ahead of time so candidates don’t have to wait in line? Can someone be hired “on the spot”? Give your audience a clear picture of what they can expect and a call to action.
  • Have the right players present. Don’t send interns, assistants, or those who aren’t directly responsible for hiring for your positions. Why waste their time or yours? Candidates feel that they have a more direct avenue through emailing a resume than meeting with a non-decision maker in person. Show them that you value their time enough to show up.
  • Make your process smooth and modern. Are you accepting paper resumes? Don’t be. Have candidates apply online ahead of time so that the time spent with you at the event is spent discussing their qualifications and goals instead of how to apply for the position. This also allows you to schedule appointments in advance, giving candidates a sense of purpose for attending.
  • Follow up. Don’t return to the office and dive right into what you missed. Follow up with candidates first and schedule any second interviews necessary while the information is still fresh with you.
  • Measure your return. If you find that you are only seeing a very small number of candidates at these events but the quality of candidate is high it may justify the efforts. If you have a large turn out but few qualified applicants, a job fair may not be your best recruiting avenue. Don’t be afraid to stop participating in job fairs that traditionally were a large part of your recruiting process, the job market has changed and it may be time for a change in recruiting strategies.

Each industry and set of positions has it’s own set of unique recruiting challenges. Certain skill sets just aren’t likely to engage in an in person job fair. For those technical and more professional candidates, consider hosting a virtual or online job fair. This will appeal to passive candidates who are in confidential job searches or unable to attend your event.

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