Hire Based on Skills, Not Necessarily Talent

When you hear someone utter the phrase, “You have real talent” the first thought is that they are most likely at the top of whatever industry or profession they work in, excelling beyond their peers. With that said, we don’t always need the best “talent” for a role but someone with the right set of skills that will enable them to excel to the talent your company is looking for.

Especially now, in a job market where true, available talent is becoming harder and harder to come by, Recruiters and Hiring Managers may need to change their focus. While going through potential applicants and hires for any position, consider the following; if the person doesn’t necessarily meet all requirements to a T, based on their skill set, do you feel they could learn what they need to while on the job? Taking this into consideration, take a closer look at their past employment history and determine whether they have shown a track record of not only learning new things in a role but excelling with that mindset. Someone who is not only willing to learn while on the job but is able to thrive in that type of environment may be better suited for your open position.

This idea is simple. If companies are able to be a little more open minded in regards to the “talent” they are seeking, the skills gap may not be as big of an issue as what thought.

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