Halloween in the Workplace

Halloween is the one and only time of year when employers and employees alike can dress up and let loose a little more than usual in the office. However, make sure you still follow company policies and procedures especially as far as behavior and dress codes are concerned. Halloween in the workplace allows employees to have fun and gives you the opportunity to interact with your co-workers and upper management on a more casual basis; all while building friendships and teamwork, making everyone more comfortable and productive in the workplace.

However, not everyone may choose to participate in Halloween. Therefore, participation in Halloween festivities should be optional, as to not make anyone feel obligated. In addition, make sure that everyone in the office feels included and a part of the group function. If your company is throwing an office wide lunch or party, invite everyone in the workplace regardless if they dress up or not.

Nothing says Halloween like carving and decorating pumpkins. It is a tradition that has been passed through generations throughout the country. Here at Trillium we like to put an emphasis on family in the workplace, especially around the holidays. In fact, recently our Tampa, FL office invited employees and their children to decorate pumpkins for Halloween at their office.
punkin“We filled the kids up with sugar and the parents up with coffee and we all painted pumpkins. It was truly a heartwarming time,” said Jennifer Dedrich, Operations Manager in Tampa, FL.

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