You Want the Job? Prove it!

Whether you are entering the job market for the first time or are a seasoned employee seeking a new career path, the idea of a job interview can be a little intimidating. This can be especially true for those of you who are particularly excited about making that next move.

Don’t worry! There are some key tips that you can utilize going into that next interview to not only give yourself confidence in your abilities but to also project that same confidence to the interviewer.

  • Do Your Research: When looking into a specific job opportunity, look beyond the job description. Get to know the company and their overall mission to see how this aligns with your own goals and values. If you go into an interview prepared to not only explain why you’re excited about the role but can discuss how the company’s mission aligns with your experience and ideals, this will go a long way with impressing the interviewer.
  • Passion for the Industry/Product/Company: Regardless of the particular position you are interviewing for or in what department it may fall, express how passionate you are regarding the industry, product or service that the company provides. If an entry level Admin walks into a software company discussing how much they enjoy using the product at home or in their previous position, this will stand apart with the Interviewer. The bottom line is that no matter the industry, companies love to hear how consumers enjoy their products or services.
  • Understand the Role: Maybe you don’t have industry specific experience but have experience in the duties involved in the role. If this is the case, be sure to emphasize the job duties that you do have experience in. For instance, if you have worked previously as a Marketing Data Analyst for a local non profit but are now seeking work in the logistics industry, explain how your experience with market data analysis and promotions can translate to other industries and how in turn, that role has prepared you for future positions.
  • Sometimes it is all about Timing: Many times the first question that is asked during an interview is “What brings you into the job market?” How you answer this seemingly simply question can prove to be quite beneficial. There are plenty of reasons why individuals end up in the job market, searching for a position, but how you portray this to a potential employer is important. A lot of times, job seekers may be looking to change industries or even start a new trajectory in the same industry. For example, if the next step in your current role is in management but you are not too keen on going down that path, it may be time to make a change. This could certainly benefit a potential employer who would be getting an experienced individual ready to work where their expertise is needed. However, it is extremely important to not dwell on your past working relationships if they are a huge reason for making a move in the first place. Companies want to hire you because they feel you will be a good fit and because you express that you want to work there, not because you’re just looking for something to replace your previous employer.

When looking for a new job it is the hope of any job seeker to find a new job with which they can be passionate about, not only the job itself but with the company as a whole. Although, this may not always be the case, try to make the best of any job search by implementing as many of these concepts as you can to ensure you are better prepared for what any interviewer may throw at you.

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