What does MAP-21 mean for your fleet?

Have you changed your procedures to accomodate the passing of MAP-21 this past July? Do you know what these changes mean to you? Here are a few of the highlights!

“Moving Ahead for Progress in the Twenty-First Century Act” or MAP-21 brought with it many changes for commercial fleets including:

  • EOBR’s are mandated- The FMCSA will be issuing a new EOBR regulation set to replace the former 395.16.
  • Hours of Service- The FMCSA will complete a field study the end of March 2013 on the 34-hour restart provision to include changes to the restart provision for implementation in July of 2013.
  • Hazardous Materials- The maximum civil penalties for violations of the Hazardous Materials Regulartions are being increase to $75,000 and $175,000 where the violation results in death, serious injury, or substantial property damage.
  • New Entrants and Driver Qualifications- The FMCSA has one year to issue a rule that establishes new entry-level training requirements for all commercial drivers seeking a CDL or upgrading from one CDL class to another. MAP-21 also requires states to be able to accept  a driver’s medical certificates electronically within the next five years. The FMCSA has up to two years to create a database of CDL drivers who have refused or failed a DOT drug or alcohol screening. Employers will be prohibited from hiring any driver listed in the database and employers will be required to search the database annually for each CDL driver that they are employing. Within the next 18 months the FMCSA will write a new rule requiring a written proficiency exam for all new motor carriers to ensure their knowledge of application safety regulations. The DOT has two years to create a plan to implement a national driver record notification system which would allow state licensing agencies to automatically notify motor carrier employers of any changes to the CDL drivers’ records.

These are just a few of the highlights that may affect the way you are doing business. The majority of these changes affect the hiring and monitoring of CDL employees. Did you know that Trillium offers a Dedicated Drivers Services package that would take a large portion of these responsibilities off of your to do list? Contact us today for more information! Click here for more detailed information on the MAP-21 changes.

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