Could Retirees Be The Answer To Your Workforce Gap?

While hiring contingent or temporary staff has been a common practice among hiring managers for decades, the skill sets needed for many of these contingent positions has continued to escalate. While unemployment increased with the downturn of the economy in 2009, most organizations held on to many of their top performers leaving a shortage of skilled workers and professionals included in the unemployment figures. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has ranked contingent work in their top five industries of employment growth.  There is a unique talent pool that has become a growing part of the contingent workforce, have you incorporated them in to your workforce yet?

Retired professionals have a strong and exciting new role in the contingent and contract workforce. Their experience level, skill set, and proven ability to create results make them a valuable asset to organizations seeking a strong caliber of contract or temporary employee. Many retirees are not seeking full time careers and may be more likely to quickly step into a contingent or contract position with less likelihood of seeking other opportunities, making the turnover for their roles decreased over traditional candidates. Often these employees are seeking positions that offer flexibility, opportunity to utilize their skills and experience, and positions that are aligned with their current lifestyles.

While there are proven benefits to adding any type contingent or temporary staff to your workforce, compliance rules and regulations tend to be more stringent for this type of staff. If you feel that additional staff and expertise could benefit your organization be sure to become familiar with the regulations involved or contact a trusted provider of contingent or temporary staff.

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