Skilled Trade Jobs Are Out There and They’re Hiring!

We all can remember sitting down with the high school counselor going over what jobs may be the best route for our future and thinking to ourselves “yea I know, 4 year college degree, I get it.” But don’t fret, there are other options.  In today’s job market, the skilled trades opportunities are out there and to say they are hiring is an understatement!

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In fact, according to a recent report released by NPR, there are as many as 30 million high paying skilled trades positions currently available and the kicker, a lot of them DON’T require a college degree! Even with these staggering statistics, reports that high school graduates are still opting to go the 4 year college route, which over the next 5 years could result in 68% more opportunities in infrastructure being available.

So what type of positions are we talking about here? Well, according to the US Department of Education, the 30 million available jobs average an annual salary of $55k, and that is without a bachelor’s degree. The key point to remember here is that although a bachelor’s degree may ultimately provide a higher salary than a high school diploma alone, the same can not necessarily be said for someone going to a trades school. Another huge point in the skilled trades favor is simple. On average, the typical trade school graduate is able to pay off their school debt 1-3 years earlier and start off with higher salaries in comparison to those who receive a 4 year liberal arts degree. Who wouldn’t love that?

We aren’t saying that the skilled trades is right for everyone or that you should forget your dream of becoming a Doctor or Biologist. However, if you are someone who may be on the fence about what you want to do for a career, just take a look at your local trades school and see what they are offering. You might be surprised at what your options could be!

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