Landing that Interview in a Few Simple Steps!

For the thousands of new college graduates hitting the job market in the coming weeks, the prospect of landing that job interview can be a terrifying and overwhelming prospect. However, if you follow these simple steps, you will go into your job search feeling confident and ready to hit the ground running!

Treat your job search as if it were literally your job. The best way to go about looking for and applying for a new position is to devote time and energy into the process. Set aside time each day that you can devote to searching and applying for positions and responding to network connections. This will allow you to stay focused on your end goal of landing a new career rather than getting distracted along the way.

Self-reflection, as hard as it can be, is important to growing in your career. Focusing on what your true strengths are will enable you to narrow in on the positions that you are truly qualified for and interested in. Be honest with yourself  to determine what skill sets you might be lacking in so that you can steer clear of applying to positions that are heavy in those areas. The key to self reflection is to ensure you are applying for positions that you would truly be a good fit for in terms of personality and ability.

No matter what, stay determined! If you are starting to fill discouraged at the lack of interviews you’ve received, don’t give up. Reach out to your network connections and continue to constantly put your name out there. Never stop applying for jobs that you feel you are good fit for. Not finding positions of interest? Reach out to local Recruiters in the area to try and get your foot in the door that way. This can easily be accomplished by making connections on LinkedIn and other networking sites. Tenacity and drive are extremely important in landing that job interview and if you can prove your worth to a Recruiter, they will go the extra mile on your behalf.

Although, these concepts may sound simple, in reality the process of locating, applying for and landing a job can be difficult. You will face rejection or you might get ignored or simply forgotten about somewhere in the application process. Your main goal is to ensure that the drive and initiative you portray in your job search comes across when you inevitably get in front the Hiring Manager / Recruiter. Do the leg work and watch it pay off when your future employee is finally able to see your true worth!

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