Personality Fit vs. Performance and Why Top Performers Might Not Work Out

Like with any company or organization, regardless of the industry, culture and teamwork go hand in hand when discussing the overall health of the company. With that said, what do you when one of your top performers doesn’t get along with the rest of your team? They bring in the most sales but tend to butt heads with everyone. Honestly, the most simple solution may also be the hardest; if your top performer is causing a toxic or hostile work environment, they need to go.

In order for any machine to keep running in an efficient and profitable manner, all aspects need to work together. Having one gear out of place, especially a substantial gear, can cause slowdowns and even breaks in the process. This, in turn, can ultimately effect overall profitability and production.

With that said, all people should be given the opportunity to alter their behavior. Bring the issues to the employee’s attention and set forth goals in order to get them on track with the rest of the team. If the issues persist, it’s time to move on. It is much easier to replace one person that an entire well-oiled team. The less your team has time to focus on a hostile or toxic working environment, the more time can be spent on improving production and inefficiencies. It’s proven that the more an employee feels comfortable and happy at work, the more they are inclined to perform better with the job at hand.

With the advent of AI and Machine Learning, technical skills among employees are becoming more and more standardized. As technology continues to improve, employers are going to begin looking at a prospective employee’s emotional intelligence to see how they fit within the team. Because emotional intelligence is hard to quantify, companies need to start looking at their teams differently. Instead of simply focusing on sales and numbers, look at how each employee works with other team members. If someone has lower sales numbers but appears to be the person that their peers turn to for advice or issues within the workplace, their worth may be more than what shows on paper. In these instances, your employees with high emotional intelligence could be the glue that holds the team together. In essence, these team members may be what keeps the team running smoothly through times of profitability and loss.

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