Are Your Employees Job Hunting On The Clock?

Are your employees looking to make a career move? A recent study released by Robert Half International Inc. found that as many as 48% of employees between the ages of 18 and 34 said that they are likely to conduct job-search activities at work. Even the most flexible of employers are likely not going to be excited by this statistic. What can you do to prevent your employees from seeking new opportunities, especially while on the job?

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  • Communicate regularly. Do you regularly meet with individual staff members to discuss their careers, ambitions, and frustrations? If not, you should. Many workplace issues and frustrations can be addressed in a simple meeting. You may learn of current team members that would be interested and qualified for other opportunities within the organization.
  • Recognize regularly. Regularly provide feedback to your employees on their progress, achievements, and contributions to the organization. Sometimes simple forms of recognition such as a thank you card, email, or recognition in front of the team can be the motivation your staff needs to remain engaged with the company.
  • Reward regularly. How do you motivate your staff to excel? A strong employee recognition program including awards, bonuses, gift cards, or free lunches show your employees that your organization is committed to keeping them happy and rewarding them for their efforts.

As the market remains tight for top level talent, keeping your top performers happy and engaged is critical. Click here for more information on employee retention.

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