Who's Onboarding?

Does your organization have a formal or an informal onboarding process? Sure each hiring manager or department leader may have their own variations, but likely your organization has a process with some consistency. Think about your process, it likely centers around the new hire right? What about the rest of the team? How does your process allow for team work and team rapport building? Does your current process put the burden mostly on one person? Now may be a great time to consider how to incorporate your team into the training process!

The training and onboarding process can be very time consuming and stressful; for everyone. Engage with your existing team to see how they’d like to be involved.  Let’s face it, your team should have some excellent knowledge and experiences to share with your newest team member and now is a great time to start the rapport building! Often times, the training process can be a “back to the basics” refresher for existing staff and may allow an opportunity to review current processes. Now is an excellent time to share ideas amongst your group, learn who has a passion for training, and who may be looking for advancement opportunities!

After determining who from the team has an interest in assisting with the training process, consider the following:

  • Set clear objectives of areas that should be covered.
  • Determine priorities of the training process.
  • Meet with the current team members and the new hire together to discuss the training outline and let everyone know that you are open and available for questions, concerns, or additional assistance.
  • Meet with those involved regularly to discuss how the training process is going.
  • Be sure to keep certain crucial or confidential information on your responsibilities list.

As with any training process be sure to meet with your team individually or have them complete a follow up questionnaire to determine what worked well, what they enjoyed, and areas for improvement or change.

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