How Far Will Your Team Go To Support Each Other?

Do you have a team that will push their limits to support each other? We sure do! Both on the job and off the job, our staff takes dedication to each other to great lengths!





Recently, our very own Maggie Hedberg celebrated her 10th year of surviving advanced stage breast cancer! Unfortunately, while Maggie celebrates her victory another member of our team has lost his wife due to breast cancer.

In true Team Trillium fashion, John Salter, Operations Manager from Maggie’s office stepped up! The Donna Hicken Marathon, the only marathon in the U.S. dedicated solely to breast cancer research and care took place right around the time that Maggie celebrated her 10th anniversary cancer free. John completed the half marathon proudly displaying the names of Maggie and his co-worker’s late wife. In addition, John dedicated his tenth mile to Maggie!

“I was overjoyed and so honored! What a feat for John! We are all survivors and winners!” stated Maggie Hedberg, Branch Manager.

For more information on the Donna Hicken Marathon and how you may become involved, please visit .

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