What We're Thankful For This Year!

While we have more things to be thankful for than we could list in a blog, we wanted to share with you 10 things that our staff is thankful for this time of year.

20141121_163148Our East Tawas Team prepares to deliver several Thanksgiving dinner baskets to local employees.

1. The over 7,000 clients who entrust us with their recruiting services. Seriously, what is more valuable than the talent that designs, produces, markets, and represents your product? Nothing. We are delighted to be chosen to help you in this process.

2. The tens of thousands of employees who select us to represent them in their career search. There are very few decisions that are larger than your career selection. Your career has a large impact on your financial stability, your quality of life, and your ability to provide for your loved ones. We recognize the impact your career search has and are thankful that you trust our Recruiters to present you with the best options for your lifestyle and goals.

3. Our internal teams and the drive they bring to support each and every client and employee. We may be partial but we know what great, hardworking, and dedicated teams we have servicing us in more than 80 offices across the country. Our teams put in lots of hours, handle after hours emergencies regularly, and truly give their all to find the best match possible for our clients and employees all while supporting each other every step of the way. Teamwork? You bet we have it!

4. Our payroll team. Did you know we have a team of less than 10 people that process payroll for thousands of people nationwide every week? In addition to handling regular payroll functions, our team also processes per diem, advances, certified payroll, and invoicing to our clients. Our payroll team works well even under tight deadlines including short holiday weeks to make sure payroll is processed on time and our employees have their hard earned money when they expect it.

5. Our corporate support team. This behind the scenes team provides endless support to our branches including technical support, accounting functions, leadership and development, and training. In addition, our corporate team is constantly developing new ways to connect talent and employers, following the latest technology and recruitment trends.

6. Our Risk Management team. You would be hard pressed to find a team of people anywhere who are more dedicated to keeping employees safe, assisting clients with maintaining the safest working sites, and providing safety based training and certifications! This passionate team travels nationwide conducting job site inspections, offering recommendations for safety and workplace compliance, hosting industry specific training courses, providing preventative safety training for staff, and handling workplace injuries when they occur. This team has worked incredibly hard to partner Trillium with an excellent support team that provides immediate response in the unfortunate circumstance that we have an employee that is injured on the job.

7. Our ability to give back. While you may be aware of some of our more formal campaigns such as Breast Cancer Awareness month, our annual food drive, and Toys for Tots; our teams are comprised of passionate and giving individuals who take part in and support many causes behind the scenes. Some of their functions include resume and interviewing coaching for those entering the workforce, career coaching for at risk groups, Habitat for Humanity, Coats for Kids, providing weekend meals for children who are without, and so much more. The drive and dedication to local communities by our staff is nothing short of humbling.

8. Celebrating our 30th year in business. We are so thankful to have celebrated our 30th year in business this year! It was amazing to realize we have some clients and employees who have been with us for the entire time! There is no greater compliment than to know that we have clients who value our services enough to make us such a longstanding partner in their recruitment needs. Our internal team includes several employees who have been with us for all or most of this incredible journey. Their support and passion for the organization is amazing.

9. The communities who have welcomed us. We are a part of more than 80 communities across the nation! It’s amazing how welcomed our teams have been in assisting these communities with putting their people to work, fulfilling employers’ needs, and allowing us to be an active member of their local groups, chambers, and other organizations.

10. We’re thankful for those who will be working hard during this holiday season. While many of us will be enjoying time off, we are appreciative of those who are working in careers that don’t allow time off for the holidays. Be sure to thank those around you who are unable to have the time off with their loved ones!

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