How to Land The Job! Trillium Staff Speaks Out!

Have you ever wondered what others did to set themselves apart? Are you missing out on great opportunities that you feel you are qualified for? Here are some great tips directly from our staff to help you land the job!

Hired - Man in Word“Be honest in the application process, Interview the interviewer…ask questions. Share your interests and goals with your interview/prospective employer. Follow up after interviews….shows initiative, sets you apart from others that do not”

– Jeff W. , Branch Manager, Trillium Construction


“Do your homework!  There is so much information available at your fingertips.  Research the company you are interviewing with.  There is no excuse for not being informed.  Have questions prepared about the company and/or the position.”

-Anne M. , Regional Vice President, Trillium Staffing


“No matter how disenfranchised you may be with your current employer and/or situation it is important to accentuate the positive experiences you have had. Employers are just as interested in the “soft skills and attributes” you will bring to the position as they are the “hard skills” and education you possess. A positive attitude and bright outlook can do wonders in an interview to push you to the top!”

-Jennifer M. , Recruiting Manager, Trillium Staffing


“Sell yourself!”

-Becki O. , Branch Manager, Trillium Staffing


“If you do not understand a question during the interview, ask for clarification.  It is acceptable to ask the interviewer to rephrase the question if you are unsure of the meaning.   Take your time when answering tough questions.”

-Anne M. , Regional Vice President, Trillium Staffing


“When the job posting asks for a resume, please send one!”

-Stu C. , Project Manager, Trillium Construction


“Work with your recruiter understanding that they are your advocate. Be honest and straight forward about what exactly you are seeking in a new opportunity and what your expectations are in working with them. When all the cards are on the table you won’t have any surprises in the end!”

– Jennifer M. , Recruiting Manager, Trillium Staffing


“Be prepared to answer questions about your strengths. Focus on the attributes that set you apart from the crowd – such as ‘I’m excellent at time management;’ or, ‘I have a high sense of urgency when working on a deadline.’  Avoid generic statements that are often overused in interviews such as, ‘I’m a people-person.’ ”

-Jeannie B. , Regional Vice President, Trillium Staffing


“Your resume is the first impression of you and will determine whether you ever get the opportunity to sell yourself in person during an interview.  Be sure to proofread your resume carefully and do not depend on the spell check function.  Typos very well may prevent you from ever getting an interview for the perfect job.”

– Anne M. , Regional Vice President, Trillium Staffing


Stay tuned for more tips this month, straight from our team!

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