Who Likes Writing Job Descriptions?

Let’s face it, writing a job description is not exciting. What’s less exciting? Reading one! In the struggle to obtain top talent today, give yourself an edge above the hiring managers that you are competing against with a strong job advertisement!

Have you visited Indeed.com lately? Take a moment to search for a job in your area that you are hiring for and see what your competition looks like. You’re likely to find a volume of postings that include everything from typo’s to formal job descriptions. I’m willing to bet your marketing team would agree that any exposure to your brand should be a good one. In addition to candidates seeking employment, potential clients who use search engines to learn more about you can land on your postings!

Here are a few quick tips to set your job advertisements apart while helping to attract the talent that’s right for the job:

  • Sell the job from the start! Most candidates only view bullet points and the first few sentences. Use this space to highlight the “What’s in it for me?” to your audience!
  • Job postings are advertisements not job descriptions! Give the basics of the position in your posting but don’t provide a detailed job description. Give your job seekers an idea of what they will be doing and what’s required to land the position.
  • Highlight the benefits of the position! Include details that would entice you to make a career move: benefits, vacation time, work environment, company stability, etc.
  • Highlight the benefits of working for your company! What do you love most about your organization? Does your company sponsor anything? What makes your company unique? Highlight company outings, events, casual Fridays, and anything else that makes your company a stand out. Ask your current employees for some of their favorites!
  • Does it draw you in? Be sure to review your job posting after publishing. Does it flow well? Does it grab your attention quickly and appeal to the candidate audience that you are targeting?

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