This is just a note to mention how much we appreciate the working relationship that has evolved between our companies over the past few years. We now rely on Trillium's ability to staff full-time CDL drivers in two of our divisions as well as supply casual drivers in three others.

The quickness of your response to our needs is unparalleled by any other source. I think back to how you were able to keep our Chicago operation going after we learned our current supplier was going out of business in one week. Our customers did not miss a delivery during that time and those drivers are still servicing those same customers four years later.

The drivers Trillium supplies are very professional in both their appearance and actions. When they are on vacation, we get calls from customers asking where they are to make sure they haven't changed their routes. In a way, your drivers are our very much a part of our sales force.

Of course, any group of drivers needs support not only from us, but from your office as well. Your office staff is always ready and willing to help us in our time of need. We have incorporated many of their suggestions into our operational policies. And the concerns we have had, though few and far between, have been handled expeditiously.

We look forward to continuing toward our mutual destination of success in the coming years. Thanks again.

Jim K.

[We] have used several Trillium drivers over the past several years. We have been satisfied with the drivers and we are pleased with the professional manner in which Trillium conducts business.

Lynn F.

I am very pleased with the Trillium staff. They have been very flexible in filling all of my job positions. I'm especially impressed with the screening processes employed by Trillium. I know that anyone coming to me is qualified and has been checked thoroughly.

Dan D.

I have used Trillium Driver Solutions on numerous occasions in the past. Their drivers were both prompt and courteous. Whenever my own drivers call in sick, or are on vacation, it takes one simple phone call and my problem is solved. Unlike the other local truck driver staffing services I have used in the past, I have never had a complaint by my customers when using a Trillium driver. I would recommend their services to any fleet manager or business owner who has had truck driver staffing issues.

Michael S.

I have been using temp drivers for over fifteen years in the Atlanta area. Not a lot of success with three of the companies I used off and on for ten years. Not very dependable or honest, and the quality of the drivers was bottom of the barrel. The last five years I have been partnered with Trillium and it has been like a breath of fresh air. It starts at the top with the branch manager, operations manager, and goes right down to the drivers. Trillium is the most dependable, honest, and the quality of drivers is second to none that I have been associated with. The rapport with the employees is almost like they are family. I can call anytime day night early morning and request a driver with the results that I need.

Jake M.

I took over the process of hiring the Temporary Contingent Workers for my company late 2010. In my search for a driver for one branch, I called Trillium and found a go to person for many of my needs. I have since worked with numerous Trillium branches throughout the country and found Trillium to be most helpful, professional, and understanding of my sense of urgency. I appreciate their "Can do" efforts and their willingness to go the extra mile when trying to meet our company's needs. I know I can expect a quality driver as I know they set their standards high. Thanks for all you do each and every day!

Terri M.

Around mid-March of 2007, we contacted Trillium concerning new business in the Andersonville, TN area. We needed approximately 30 CDL drivers for an April 2 launch date of our new collection routing for Honda of Alabama.

The task of finding this quantity of drivers in only two weeks was no doubt impossible. Based on Trillium's assurances that they could handle this volume we did not reach out to any other vendors. To make the task even more challenging we asked Trillium to hire drivers based on our strict driving standards (clean MVR-no tickets, background).

Trillium's staff accomplished this task as we went live two weeks later with their crew of drivers. Presently, we are processing this group of drivers for hire and we have nothing but praise for Trillium and their staff.

There is no doubt that Trillium's efforts in March and thereafter have contributed to our success.

Todd B.

Trillium Driver Solutions and their drivers treat our customers as if they were their own; they are a big part of our success.

Jeff F.


Doc H.

In January of 2005, we undertook a project of what seemed to be an impossible task. This was to merge two 150,000 square foot facilities into one 400,000 square foot facility 35 miles away. Oh yeah, this was to be done in six days! Our warehouses at that time were at 75% capacity.

Without the eight additional drivers supplied from Trillium and the ability to make last minute substitutions, this move could not have been accomplished. The drivers arrived on time, were qualified to drive our equipment, and were cooperative in accepting instructions on our procedures. Our thanks to the staff at Trillium for the scheduling and management of their personnel.

Jim B.

We struggled to get drivers from our own ads and other resources, Trillium was able to get the job done in a timely manner and have provided us with temporary associates that have turned into full time associates.

They are the best I have worked with. Period.

Jeff C.

Trillium goes the extra mile, Great Jobs, Great Drivers, Great Help.

Mike C.

Whenever I need a emergency driver or scheduled replacement driver I know when I call Trillium Drivers, they come through.

Tom H.

Trillium Driver Solutions, and their Philadelphia Office, are a big asset to our operation and the management of our drivers.

Anthony C.

Trillium has been able to learn our business and be a great partner. Trillium has resources that are available 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

Joe M.

Our company started using Trillium Driver Solutions in early December 2010. We are an LTL carrier and require hazmat and doubles endorsements on all our company drivers, including temp drivers. We have been using Trillium drivers to fill in for vacations, illness and an increase in business. I have found the drivers to be professional and they have caught on quickly with the diversified requirements we employ in our day to day operations. Trillium has been very responsive and accommodating to questions, requirements and needed additions to staffing. I would recommend Trillium Driver Solutions.

James M.

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