Keep Your Pets Safe this Winter

We know that most of you work 8 to 12 hour days and it’s hard to keep tabs on your pets while you are at work. After all, pets are family and they need additional care in the harsh winter months. Just like us, they are susceptible to frostbite, hypothermia and other medical conditions.  Here are a few tips to make sure your pets stay warm and safe this winter.

  • Keep them indoors, it’s the safest place for your pet while you are at work. If it’s too cold for us to be outside, then it’s too cold for them to be outside as well.
  • If your pets have to stay outside, make sure they are in a waterproof, draft free shelter with plenty of warm bedding, preferably a garage. Change the bedding often since it will become wet from them going out into the elements and coming back to their bed wet.
  • Access to fresh water is a must. Make sure that it doesn’t freeze; insulate the bowl or buy a heated dish at your local pet store.
  • Antifreeze can be fatal so keep it and other toxic items locked up and out of reach. Also, make sure to clean up any that leaks from your car especially if you keep your pet in the garage.
  • Chemicals from ice melting agents can be licked off the road and their paws, which can also be fatal to your pets. When you get home from a walk be sure to wash their paws off with warm water.

In order to keep your furry friends, warm and safe this winter, keep these helpful tips in mind. In case of emergencies, contact your veterinarian immediately.

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