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  • Are you still hiring for this position?

    Unless otherwise indicated, any of our postings listed on are still available. You can apply directly through this website, by clicking on the button that says "apply". That will lead you through our application process, and a recruiter will follow up with you regarding your application.

  • Do you have (specific type of job) available?

    To search for a specific position, please enter the type of position that you are looking for in the search box above that says "What job are you looking for?" If you are searching for a specific location, please enter that in the box that says "Where are you looking for a job?" That will list all of our positions that match your search criteria. Then you are able to apply to the position directly through our website, and then a recruiter will follow up with you regarding your application.

  • How do I apply to this job/position?

    Once you find a position of interest to you, there is a yellow button on the right hand side of the page that says "apply". That will lead you through our application process, and then a recruiter will follow up with you regarding your application.

    If you are already logged in, each posting has a blue button on the right side of the posting that says "Apply for this Job". Your resume and information will be sent to the appropriate recruiter.

  • How do I view my pay check stubs?

    To view your paycheck stubs, please login with your Trillium Staffing login information. Once logged in click the link on the right to view paycheck stubs. If you still need to get your account set up, please call 866-512-1750 and we will be able to assist you with getting your account activated.

  • I can not login, or I forgot my password.

    If you forgot your password, Click here

  • I have already applied; what should I do next?

    Once you have applied, a recruiter should get in contact with you regarding your application. If you are not contacted within 24 hours, please use the information listed on the right side of each posting with the recruiter name and phone number to inquire about the status of your application. Your application should have been sent directly to the appropriate recruiter, however you may still search and apply to any other positions that may be listed that you are interested in.

  • Question regarding specific details of a job.

    If you have any specific questions regarding any position we may have listed please contact the recruiter who posted the job. To view their contact information, please sign in to your account. Once you are signed in to our system, if you click on a job that you are interested in, the recruiter who posted the position should have all of their contact information listed under that job. They will be able to further assist you with any details or specific questions you may have.

  • Where are you located?

    We currently have over 80 offices nationwide. Under the title of each specific position, the specific city/state that the job is located in is listed there.

  • Why is a previous company's website re-directing to
    Recognized as a national leader in staffing and recruitment with over 30 years of service and approximately 90 established branches nationwide, we have a commitment to providing our clients and employees with the best service and opportunities possible. As a part of that commitment we have had the privilege of acquiring staffing businesses that share in our goals and mission. A few of the organizations that we are proud to have acquired in the recent past include:

    1995- Computer & Engineering Services (CES, Inc.) 
    1999- Midwest Construction Services
    2007- Staffing Alliance
    2014- Act I Staffing
    2016- Atlantic Associates Inc.
    2017- Impact Solutions, LLC
    2018- Roy's Staffing
    2019- ESW Staffing
    2019- Computer Resource Team

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