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Offering more than 30 years of experience in the staffing industry, Trillium Techs is proud to be widely recognized as a leader in recruitment services. At Trillium Techs, our skilled talent makes the difference. Our reputation and relationships are built and maintained by some of the nation’s most experienced and driven Recruiters. Their hard work and determination have allowed us the privilege of representing thousands of companies nationwide in their search for talent. 

Providing skilled craftsmen, mechanics, and technicians is what we do. Whether you are looking to expand your workforce, upgrade talent, or fulfill a temporary staffing need; contact the technician staffing experts at Trillium Techs today!

As leading experts in technician staffing, mechanic staffing, and craftsmen staffing we understand the importance of having the right skill level on the job. Our tech staffing Recruiters employ an unsurpassed screening process to ensure the skills, qualifications, and experience of our technicians, mechanics, and craftsmen. 

Our Recruiters focus on three specific areas of staffing including:

  •  Marine and Defense Craftsmen Staffing 
  •  Diesel Mechanics Staffing
  •  Field Service Technicians Staffing 

Our proven ability to staff technicians, mechanics, and craftsmen nationwide in a timely manner has set us apart from our competitors. 

Trillium Techs is recognized as an industry leader amount technician staffing agencies, mechanic staffing agencies, and craftsmen staffing agencies. 

The Recruiters at Trillium Techs focus exclusively on the recruitment and screening of hands-on technical operations. Technicians have a variety of different backgrounds and perform various trades to support multiple industries. Experienced tradesmen, military veterans, and trade school graduates are available to support your needs.
Our Trillium reps listened to our needs regarding experience and skill set, then interviewed, tested, and drug-screened applicants, sending to us to interview only those who passed the muster
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