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Since 1984, Trillium Marine has been an industry leader in providing workforce solutions to the marine and industrial business sectors nationwide. Our proven ability to provide customizeable solutions, to work well under pressure and provide a skilled workforce with predictable pricing has become imperative to our clients. We carry all of the necessary Worker's Compensation insurance to include: General Liability, Ship Repairers General Liability, USL&H, and Jones Act Endorsements.

Trillium Marine is a proud member and contributor to the Shipbuilder's Council of America,  Jacksonville Area Ship Repair Association, Virginia Ship Repair Association, Savannah Maritime Association, and various Propeller's Clubs. We are also certified by the Department of Labor as a H2B Contractor, allowing us to access an untapped source of skilled workers!

Our skilled workforce is strategically located throughout the United States, providing us with the ability to quickly mobilize nearly any size workforce to any location.

Referral Services

Do you have a candidate in mind but aren't ready to commit to a full time employee? Trillium Marine offers employee referral programs for a wide range of positions! Our experienced staff will perform all of the same screening that we do for our own candidates to ensure a sound hiring decision. Employees referred to Trillium Marine are eligible for the same benefits as our recruited employees including medical insurance, holiday pay, paid vacation, and 401(k).

Consultative Safety Training Services

At Trillium Marine safety is a priority. If the job can't be done safely, we won't do it. Trillium Marine employees attend a new hire safety training covering a wide range of job-related topics. We offer additional safety training services to our clients including:

  • OSHA-10 and OSHA-30 Hour Maritime Courses
  • QP-1 Training Certification
  • Respirator Training and Fit Testing
  • VSRA-Environment and Safety Orientation

Our candidate screening and on-boarding process includes:

  • Interviews
  • Previous employment reference checks
  • Skills testing
  • E-Verify Compliance
  • Criminal Background Checks (Compliant with the DOD Requirements)
  • TWIC Badging
  • Attaining Port Passes
  • Regional Contractor Badging

Trillium Marine can provide you with access to our database of over 20,000 experienced skilled trades, technical, professional, and industrial candidates. Whether your business consists of ship or yacht building and repair, oil rig fabrication, dredging, scrap and salvage, terminal operations, container maintenance, or industrial construction; Trillium Marine can create a workforce solution customized to your business!

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